Men Cotton Regular T-Shirt CONNOR Phantom Grey – PEPE


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Men Cotton Regular T-Shirt CONNOR Phantom Grey. Ανδρικό μακό μπλουζάκι με κοντό μανίκι και στρόγγυλο λαιμό. Μαλακό και ελαφρύ βαμβακερό ύφασμα που αναπνέει. Casual και minimal outfit σε κάθε εποχή. Ιδανικός συνδυασμός denim & cotton chinos παντελόνια.

– Cotton jersey T-shirt – Regular Fit – Short sleeves – Crew neck – PEPE JEANS logo embroidered on the chest – Ribbed detail on the neck
– Double stitching on sleeves and hem
– Inner neck band with printed logo – Made of 100% sustainable cotton. Sustainable cotton minimises the use of harmful chemicals, improves soil quality, and prevents contamination to help protect the health of growers and local wildlife. Collection: Spring Summer 2024

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